Get to Know Us

Our Director

Joanna Kopko, B.A, EEC Certified Director

Each morning, I arrive at SEE and wonder how this day will be better than the last.  It thrills me to see how each child can make a positive impact on how we learn, play, create and explore.  Every child is unique and special at SEE.  We celebrate the curiosity, enthusiasm and vision of each child.  It is my goal to provide the children of our school with a thought provoking, enriching experience for which to lay the foundation of learning upon.  I created this school to offer children a learning experience unlike any other.  We incorporate the fine arts, music, yoga and foreign language into our curriculum.  By doing so, our play based philosophy takes on a greater meaning.  It gives me great pleasure to watch the excitement in the children’s faces when they have the opportunity and encouragement to look at, touch and recreate their own interpretations of the great artists.

Working with children has always been a dream of mine.  I began my journey when I moved to Massachusetts in 2006.  My love of teaching quickly flourished while working at a preschool program in the Greater Boston Area.  I quickly discovered that this is where I was meant to be, in a preschool classroom teaching the foundations of life.  As time went on, I knew that having my own center was exactly what I was cut out to do.

As the school’s director, I enjoy connecting with our families on a daily basis.  I believe strong and lasting relationships with the school’s children and families are the cornerstone of the school’s foundation. Since The School For Early Excellence opened in September 2011, our enrollment quickly jumped from 2 children to a current count of 40.  I am proud of how SEE has evolved and I am excited to see how it will continually transform into an individualized and unique experience for the children, families and teachers of SEE.  I owe it all to the dedication of our teachers and the energy and creativity of the children who come to school each day!

Our Teachers

Tiffany Zolt – Lead Teacher

Marie Mitropoulos – Lead Teacher

Melissa Potter – Lead Teacher

Arianne Kindle – Administrator

The School for Early Excellence has a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring staff. We hire our teachers based on their education, experience, and professional references. Our teachers all hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and are EEC certified. Our teachers also have expansive knowledge of preschool curricula and are proficient in conducting and organizing a successful classroom. All teachers are interviewed for a specific role within the school to ensure it is the right fit for the students and the potential teacher. When teachers are being considered for a position, there is a rigorous interview process.They must have experience in a preschool setting, outstanding professional references, and must pass an extensive background check. Potential teachers must also complete a working interview in the classroom while being observed by current teachers and the director. It is important for all of these steps to be taken to ensure that our teachers are professionally qualified.

Our Specialists

Music Specialist: Mr. Ed Morgan visits our school on a weekly basis and joyfully engages the children in song as they sing and dance along to his music.  Mr. Ed plays a variety of instruments including the guitar, harmonica and kazoo.  Not only does he play popular children’s songs, he also has an extensive library of original songs, too! Mr. Ed’s lessons encourage self-confidence, happiness, listening skills and social skills.